Resistograph decay detection for a variety of clients
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Delivering a professional service and gaining positive feedback

Testing Decay hollow in Veteran tree with the Sonic Tomograph

Decay hollow in Veteran tree

  • "Thank you for your work and service with which I have been very impressed.  You were quick, helpful, patient, and your report & application were models of thoughtful precision"
    Development site survey for Mr Reid, Gloucestershire
  • "Robert has provided a first class service on several complex and testing projects, his professionalism and attention to detail are exemplary and the service provided is fantastic. I would always recommend RGS to conduct future Arboricultural consultation."
    Paul WrightSenior Landscape Architect at PRP Architects
  • "Robert has provided an excellent service with clear and concise reports for a competitive price."
    Darren Woodward Project Officer at Marston Vale Trust
  • "We have used RGS on a number of specialised arboricultal issues. He offers a professional and reliable service that we would use again."
    Dan MacIntyre Consultant arboriculturist at TEP - The Environment Partnership
  • "I have used Robert on numerous occasions, particularly for his expertise with Picus tomography; I have also recommended him to a number of clients in need of his skills. There is no doubt that both the Picus and Robert's expertise in its use and interpretation of results is invaluable in many circumstances."
    Tommy Plummer Arboricultural Consultant
Phoenix tree at Donington Deer Park

Phoenix tree at Donington Deer Park