Trees and Planning & Development law
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Trees and Planning & Development

Planning law requirements - trees and the landscape

Tree protection fencing on a development site

Tree protection fencing on a development site

Planning law incorporates requirements in respect of trees and the landscape. In some circumstances local planning authorities will not validate a planning application without a supporting tree survey.

Planning & Development:

  • Pre-application advice to clients considering a planning application-we will advise regarding the potential area for development relative to the trees on and immediately adjacent to the site
  • Pre-design survey of the trees and hedgerows in accordance with British Standard 5837 (2012) 'Trees in relation to Design, Demolition & Construction'. This type of survey will be suitable for submission with an outline planning application or for use as a tool to inform the detailed design. It will include a schedule of all trees and a Tree Constraints/Protection Plan produced using CAD
  • Post-design Arboricultural Implications Assessment-based on a conceptual or detailed design we will assess the arboricultural implications through the juxtaposition of trees and development, and will recommend appropriate mitigation measures
  • Post-planning approval Method Statement-we will prepare an Arboricultural Method Statement and a detailed Tree Protection Plan suitable for discharge of landscape/tree related planning conditions, which will be designed to inform the contractors responsible for project implementation
Development site trees without protection

Development site trees without protection

  • Specialist Method Statements-when necessary we will prepare detailed specifications and drawings for specialised construction methods for access roads, footways, car parking areas, and even foundations. This is likely to be required in situations where the arboricultural constraints are at odds with aspects of the development plan
  • Other advice-we will provide advice to designers and structural engineers regarding the potential effects of retained trees, be they within or outside the site boundary, on the completed buildings and infrastructure. This type of advice will have taken into account the species, eventual maximum height and water demand of the trees
  • Site Monitoring-we will, when required, attend site to monitor various activities that could impact on the retained trees, and will directly supervise certain works where appropriate. Such monitoring will usually be required to discharge a specific condition to a planning approval
  • Landscape Design-we are able to design the soft landscaping elements for development projects, such that the balance between retained trees and new planting is harmonious and sustainable and aesthetically pleasing
Tree Constraints & Protection Plan

Tree Constraints & Protection Plan

RGS offers an additional service to provide its clients with comprehensive topographical surveys, as part of its development site package.

Download a free pack of Planning & Development information courtesy of Barrell Tree Consultancy. Consisting of twelve Technical guides in PDF brochure format, titles include:

  • Monitoring tree protection
  • Fencing protected trees
  • Ground protection
  • Pollution control
  • Site cranes and-piling rigs

Road through tree protection area
constructed using No-Dig method

Road through tree protection area constructed using No-Dig method