Diversity - an integral part of tree ecologicaly
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Ecology and Arboriculture

Trees and tree habitats-integral part of ecological assessments

Protected and rare great crested newt

The rare and endangered great-crested-newt

Fungi are part of woodland floor ecology

Woodland floor ecology

Trees and their habitats are an integral part of all ecological assessments.

We are pleased to be associated with Bernwood ECS Ltd. who provide us with all levels of ecological survey and assessment, including bat, and Great Crested Newt surveys. Chris Damant and his team can be contacted directly via their website at www.bernwood.net

Endangered brown long-eared bat roosting

Bat photographs © Chris Damant. Bernwood

Endangered brown long-eared bat

Brown long-eared bat

Veteran English Oak trees often part of woodland ecology

Veteran Sweet Chestnut during a detailed aerial bat habitat assessment

Brown long-eared bat colony roosting in a provided bat box

Brown long-eared bat colony roosting in a provided bat box

Ecological surveys are very often a requirement when submitting a planning application and there is a clear advantage to be gained from the combined efforts of an ecologist and arboriculturist working together.

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