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Testing with the Sonic Tomograph for tree decay

Testing for tree decay using a Sonic Tomograph

RGS is a dedicated arboricultural practice with a long history of involvement in both UK arboriculture and horticulture. We deliver arboricultural services throughout the UK, working from our main office in the East Midlands.

We provide tree related services to a wide range of clients including developers and architects, estate managers, schools and colleges, local authorities and private home owners.

25 years of tree inspection-RGS tree inspection symbol

Our aims and objectives

  • To promote the virtues and advantages of trees within the UK urban and rural landscape
  • To maintain a pragmatic approach to what is realistic and practicable in respect of tree retention in the context of new development
  • To consistently supply a tree service that is prompt and efficient, reliable and cost effective
Tree surveying & management for large estates

Tree survey and inspection - digital mapping using GPS equipment

    • To ensure that trees are managed in such a way that balances public safety with amenity and conservation of habitats
    • To provide training opportunities to arboriculture students through our relationship with a leading university college where Robert Yates has previously had a role as a part time lecturer
  • To raise awareness of the unique role that veteran trees play in the ecosystem, and the historic and cultural value that they represent
Historical site surveys of trees undertaken

Historic site surveys - See case study 1

Ecological and arboricultural surveys undertaken

Tree Risk Assessment on sites of high public presence

Arboricultural Information

Details of our arboricultural services can be found on this site along with articles, downloads and useful links. Please look inside.