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tree landscape on Blenheim Park

Stacking Cellweb TRP for Driveway Construction

RGS was originally commissioned to carry out an arboricultural impact assessment for a proposed driveway through a group of protected trees; this led to us producing a method statement for the construction process, such that impact upon the tree roots was minimised. A particular difficulty related to a gully measuring in excess of 1 metre deep and up to 8 metres across, which had to be bridged.

Level ground before preparation
Ground before preparation or installation

We recommended the use of Cellweb TRP (Tree Root Protection) for both the driveway and the means to bridging the gully; accordingly Geosynthetics Ltd. were consulted to provide site specific advice and their Cellweb product was duly adopted and installed during the summer of 2016. RGS provided site supervision and advice at key stages of the construction process and subsequently Geosynthetics have used this project as one of their own case studies.

Read the whole Cellweb TRP case report.

200mm of Cellweb are being stacked
Layering the Cellweb TRP