Tree Surveys and Inspection

This broad term includes surveys of individual trees or many hundreds of trees...

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Air Spade used in wood decay detection Air Spade-used to detect root decay

Catastrophic tree stem failure resulting in tree death Catastrophic stem failure

aerial tree inspection from mobile platform aerial tree inspection from mobile platform

...although it will most often include some form of risk assessment it will specifically include more general observations and comments relating to tree form, condition and longer term management. All trees within a given area will be surveyed, including young and newly planted.

On larger sites this type of survey may include digital mapping to identify the exact location of each tree, in which case GPS equipment will be used.

Our clients for Tree Survey & Inspection include: Schools & Colleges, Hospitals, Private Estates, Home Owners, Local Authorities, Golf Courses, Hotels and Corporate Event Providers.

Veteran trees will sometimes feature in this type of survey, particularly on historic sites. Such trees require special consideration and sensitive management, not only for their amenity value but for their considerable ecological value. In most cases we would adopt a minimal intervention approach to veteran trees, unless there are specific health & safety concerns when we will very carefully consider all possible options, one of which may be to exclude people from the 'target' area.

Download here The Forestry Commission's "Estimating the age of Trees".

Visit The Ancient Tree Forum.

Innovative aerial tree inspection
RGS has been successfully experimenting with the use of a remote controlled 'quadcopter'. This relatively new technology facilitates a rapid initial aerial assessment of large trees; recording moving images that can be later studied in detail, and without the need to physically climb the tree. An example of such an inspection can be seen below.

Arborist Tree Inspection Accreditation